With its many tourist avenues, gorgeous beaches, and amazing waters, the popularity of Seychelles is well-deserved.


Considering that Seychelles is an archipelago of over 100 islands, the landscape and scenery is as unique as it gets. Many of its islands are uninhabited slices of heaven, but the scenery ranges from rocky landscapes to relatively tall hilly regions. While there are no lakes or rivers the lowest parts of the islands are beautiful and tame, with many amazing beaches propping up on every island.


Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, Seychellois cuisine has a distinctly exotic feel, but the influence of other countries like the UK, France, India, and China, are easily felt in the cooking. While fish is the staple of Seychellois cuisine, the unique part is the usage of spices, like ginger or coriander. Dishes made with coconut, breadfruit, and mangoes also play a large role in Seychellois cuisine and are one of the largest reasons why the food and cooking in Seychelles feel and taste so unique.


Seychelles is a destination that thrives on diversity, and besides cultural, religious diversity also works in harmony, and all of these aspects combined to create a joyful, peaceful, and artistic culture that has an interesting focus on arts and crafts. Even the language aspect is diverse, in that the native tongue of Creole is spoken besides English and French.


Seychelles is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Everywhere the eye can see is filled with beautiful sights of azure waters, pristine beaches, stunning greenery, fruits, wildlife and marine life, all acting together in unison to form the natural beauty of this wonderful archipelago. There are few other places on the planet like Seychelles, and even they can barely be compared to the beauty of this archipelago.

Visiting Seychelles should be a priority for anyone that wants to see paradise on Earth.