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Jade Poleon

Jade Poleon is a free spirit who started travelling in 2007 and has visited over 90 countries, which inspired her passion for travel writing. She has been a freelance travel writer since 2013, having established her website, which led to her sharing her skills with numerous online publications, allowing her to live out both of her true passions.

Jade, who is originally from Ireland, has qualified as a yoga teacher in India, hiked the Himalayas, walked 900 km across Spain, and drove endless kilometres throughout Europe in her camper van – with her dog Gimli in toe, all of which have inspired a lot of her travel writing projects.

Jade Poleon hiking in nature and discovering the world

Travel is her number-one passion, and she has a soft spot for hiking, exploring cities, discovering hidden gems, trying local food, and photographing jaw-dropping scenery, which she just loves to write about. Sharing the world with others is the joy behind travel writing for Jade, and, she can't imagine a more satisfying career to have undertaken. When she is not jotting down all her adventures or researching a topic, she dreams of her next far-flung destination or life challenge.

Jade Poleon kayaking in the wilderness with her dog