Gergely Varga You Could Travel author

Greg Varga

Greg Varga is a travel writer with extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge. He has travelled to over 50 countries and lived in 7, including Japan, providing him with unique insights and perspectives on destinations around the world. He is known for his data-rich and in-depth research-based articles, written from his own experiences.

He loves visiting Asia the most and he has a passion for everything Japanese. Greg is in the process of learning Japanese and he thinks he eventually wants to live back in Tokyo.

Greg studied in Hungarian and British universities. He began his career as an engineer almost two decades ago. He is very passionate about technical SEO and loves making websites super speedy. He is fascinated by algorithms and loves learning more about new emerging technologies.

Not only that, but he created Authentic, a dedicated reporting service to help the content creator industry showcase their value and real numbers.

Greg love writing about his travels and sharing his knowledge with others. His main topics are Hungary, and he is an expert of travel topics on Asia. Greg is a web developer and software engineer who lovingly created the code behind You Could Travel.